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It's been life changing.  Important core issues are dealt with and the path is clear.  I have gathered strength and cleared space inside. Positive doors have been opened up.  

It has helped hugely with anxiety and it's because of the way I deal with and think of things differently now.  

I'm so glad I found her.  It's been fantastic.  I just wish I had come to her before.  It's an easy going process, not confronting. Melissa is very easy to talk to and has much experience and wisdom.  It has helped me see my world through fresh eyes and a heart which is full of hope and light.  


She is pure sunshine.  I'm so glad the Universe guided me to her.  I now say life before Melissa and life after Melissa." 

Belinda, Alambie Heights, NSW


I arrived at my first session with Melissa suffering from extreme anxiety for thirty years that was restricting my life to a very large degree. After just four sessions I don’t recognise the anxious person I was before. I have been set free and now tell people  “I used to suffer from anxiety”.  


I recommend anyone who is avoiding living a full life as a result of fears and phobias to waste no more time and book a session with Melissa. I can’t thank her enough for the help she has given me.


I found her extremely understanding, patient, deeply knowledgeable and up to date with the current techniques to treat such issues as mine. Her genuine passion to improve the patients situation and find a solution made her very easy to talk to and led her to quickly identify ways in which I could be helped."


I still can't thank you enough for the help you gave me a few years ago.  I have had no anxiety at all since then.  My life has completely turned around since.    I have been on more long haul flights, taken a flying lesson and I have even flown in helicopters. Coming to see you was the best thing I did". 

I haven't been on fair ground rides but will let you know when I do.  I still have no issues with going in lifts.  I have also lost weight and now do yoga.  


Peter  Avalon  NSW  

Fear of flying and lifts


Fear of dogs


I have had a severe phobia of dogs ever since I was an infant. I was very anxious around them.  If I saw one I would cross the road.   


But after only one session with Melissa I now no longer have any fear.  We now even have a dog that sleeps on our bed!" 


Natalie,  Alambie Heights, NSW  

Chocolate Addiction

I was a chocoholic.  I couldn't go one day without it.  After seeing Melissa, I think about the technique she used and 

I don't crave chocolate. I don't eat it anymore!"


Joanne, Warriewood, NSW



What you do is amazing, I am still not eating that stuff (chocolate) and I feel great."


Andrea,  Dee Why  NSW


I have still been good re the chocolate. I joined a gym three weeks ago.


On a mission till end of year and beyond. Took me a while to get going but I just kept listening tob your taped words of wisdom.


I cannot recommend Melissa enough, after suffering from severe anxiety and panic attacks for over 7 years. I've tried all sorts of therapies, counselling, medication, CBT diet, exercise, meditation the list goes on but nothing has really helped as much as she has.

My sessions with Melissa were exceptional, she is so easy to talk to and was able to tap into the underlying thought patterns I was struggling with.

Melissa tailor made the hypnosis to suit me and with this personal touch, I found it was the first time hypnotherapy had ever worked for me.  Having tried hypnotherapy with other therapists for other issues, I felt in this session I "went under'" and felt the results instantly.

Since having the sessions with Melissa my outlook and moods have increased positively and the anxiety that I had has shifted enormously.

I will be recommending Melissa to everyone and anyone as she is brilliant.

Katie, Collaroy

Weight Loss

I had been severely struggling with my weight for a number of years and no amount of fad diets, ill-advised fasts or short-term exercise regimes helped. However, after two sessions with Melissa my whole approach to exercise and food was refreshed and renewed.


I lost 16kg in the space of 4 months and now, a year later, I have maintained my weight loss and more importantly retained my respect for what I eat and how much I eat.


The two hour long sessions I had with Melissa have completely rejuvenated me and have had a wonderfully positive life-changing effect on me. I cannot praise her highly enough!"


The weight has still been kept off, three years later.  If my weight has fluctuated a little I have reverted back to the strategies you shared and success has been immediate.

Thank you so much. 

Earlier last year I completed the 500 kms cycle ride from London to Paris for Bloodwise. The hypnosis session and recording in preparation for this was invaluable." 

Jack, Newport  NSW

8 year old boy with separation anxiety

We went to see Melissa as my son had separation anxiety when separating from me at school.  This had been going on for over a year and he was eight at the time.  

Melissa was lovely and really made him feel at ease.  We went home and listened to his recording each night and after a week he went in without me physically handing him to a teacher. 


We only needed to see her once.  I would highly recommend Melissa for anyone who has a child that suffers from anxiety. 

Jessica, Mona Vale, NSW    

10 year old boy with severe anxiety


This lead to him not being able to try new foods in fear of choking or being sick. It was affecting his life socially and confidence at school.

He's been amazing - eating everything​.  He's a different kid! After only one session!

So much more confidence with everything and less stress!!! You're a star my love.  I've been crying everytime he eats something new.  

He's been awesome -even got 2 merit awards in past two weeks! His confidence is rocking!!! Can't thank you enough -what anxiety hehe.  A whole new world for him, it's lovely. Thanks again!!!!!"

UPDATE  8 months later

"He's still doing really well, thinking of bringing him in a couple of months for a refresher...he listens to you a lot!"

Amanda, Northern Beaches, NSW    


I was struggling with stage fright, performance anxiety.

I now have fallen back in love with performing and no longer get anxious.  Thank you Melissa.  I also found the hypnosis recording deeply relaxing." 


Tommy,  NSW  Baritone

For over thirty years I have been practicing yoga, meditation, gestalt therapy, intensive group work and more.  They all helped me be the best I can be.

I then came to Melissa to help with some work issues and I can honestly say that what she helped me to unlock and reveal has been more enlightening and helpful than all these years of other practices.  

Her depth of understanding with her unique ability to uncover thought patterns that had been preventing life's fullness have made

a huge impact on my life. 

She is a beautiful soul and a gift to anyone she encounters.  

I cannot recommend her enough." 


Sarah, Opera Singer, Yoga Teacher  NSW  


I'm not sure whether to thank her or not, now that I can't touch Coke or chips at all. (Ha ha)

I had really been wanting to give these things up completely from my diet and now I am happy to say I have."



It's almost been two years since my session with Melissa and I'm still going strong with the results.  


I still have not eaten chips or drunk coke at all since, not even once.  

Temptations are always around, especially at parties but I no longer have any desire."


Simon,  Hornsby  NSW  


I came to see Melissa for relationship stress. She provided 

a clearer, more focused perspective towards the future.


Mel is so understanding, non-judgemental and caring.
Andrea, Pymble, NSW    

Just to say thank you for your magical gift, for the work you have done with me and my husband.  The divine way you have nurtured our spirits and souls is truly wonderful my Angel." 


Rachel  Balmain, NSW

For peace and calm-Reduce overwhelm

I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  There is no anxiety or negative thoughts, only excitement.  I feel so much better, I can't thank you enough." 

Tanya  Blacktown NSW


I was nurtured and enriched by working with Melissa. 

She is a caring and compassionate practitioner with a unique skill set."

Charlotte  NSW

I'm so glad that I found you, it makes such a difference when you meet someone you can relate to and feel comfortable with.  I'm so happy with my results so far and I look forward to continuing the success.  


I'm feeling more positive than I have in a long time and more importantly I feel empowered and in control of my choices, particularly with food.  Can't thank you enough!"
Kate  Collaroy Plateau  NSW   


I had three sessions with Melissa and felt like I had unloaded a life time of worries.

Listening is an art and Melissa has a real, natural talent.  Not only do you feel like you have been truly heard, but you come away with a voice recording to listen to whenever you like.  What a treat.  


I would recommend it to everyone, be it a small or big issue. Mine felt like a mountain of stuff I would never work through but Melissa’s caring nature, support and unconditional love shines through.

Penny, Northern Beaches, NSW


Melissa is incredibly intuitive and such a wonderful person to work with.  A wonderful total experience that allows me to understand my demons and creates a pathway out of bad habits."

Simone, Mosman NSW 


Smoking Ceassation

I had been a heavy smoker for 15 years and tried every quit tablet, gum and remeddy known to man with non having much effect.  I was recommended to see Melissa through a friend and thought I'd give it a go as my last resort.


I honestly did not expect immediate results but Melissa gave me the confidence I did not know I had. 


I stopped smoking after just one session and it's been months now.  Melissa has changed my life so easily when I have struggled for years.  Highly recommend, she is the best. 

Steve, Collaroy NSW  

12 year old boy with a phobia of clowns


This had resulted in him not being able to sleep in his own bedroom and prevented him from socialising.   

Melissa is a wonderful individual and highly skilled practitioner. She demonstrates the core qualities of patience, understanding and care in her therapies.


Her ability to build rapport  and trust with both adults and children alike are second to non. My twelve year old son was very responsive to her methods and enjoyed the sessions so much that he made significant progress in one session.


We feel very enriched to have met Melissa and would highly recommend her for anyone in need of therapy. 


He is still sleeping in his own room.

I just wanted to update you on my son, he is making great progress.  He has changed schools, it's a beautiful environment.  He is still listening to your recordings at night when he needs to relax!

Stephanie, Northern Beaches, NSW  





Sense of calm

I found Melissa to be absolutely amazing.  She put me completely at ease in my first session and created a space that was warm, accepting, comfortable and welcoming. She worked so well with me to help build an understanding of my concerns and difficulties.  


Melissa was able to provide me with great ideas, direction and aspects to consider which I could apply to my day to day life to help improve my overall wellbeing and self confidence.  


Immediately I noticed a positive change in my life.  I can't thank her enough.  I think it's the best thing I've done for myself.  I can't thank you enough Melissa!"


Sally  Narrabeen, NSW 

Melissa had an extraordinary ability to help me find clarity through my mental turmoil and gave me such a simple tool to use going forward.  I'm truly amazed at how clearly I can now see how I was sabotaging myself consistently with my thoughts.  I feel joyous and back in control of my life!  

You instilled in me to "treat myself as I'd like others to treat me" This was priceless! Thank you Melissa for your awesomeness."

Annie, Northern Beaches NSW 

True Self

Young woman with anxiety (Daughter)

Before I met Melissa, you would have seen me as extremely anxious, stressed, confused, overwhelmed at every little turn life took.  And most of all I didn't know nor trust myself.

My first session with Melissa was three weeks ago, and I can honestly say   I feel like a different person inside and out. The tools Melissa has given me will stay with me forever. 

You will now know me as a positive, open minded person who is stress and anxious free! Melissa has changed me for the better and has guided me to find my true self." 

Charlie, Manly, NSW    

Her mother 

Melissa, word's can't describe how grateful I am that our paths have crossed and I have my beautiful daughter back, after just three sessions with you!

Everyone including friends and family could see her beauty, intelligence and generosity but she couldn't through through stress and anxiety.

She has such a good positive outlook on life.

From one mum to another, thank you I have my positive focused beautiful daughter back."

Charlie's Mother, Manly, NSW    

Creating better habits

I have been seeing Melissa for bad eating habits and for improvements in my general health.  I have found Hypnosis is very successful for me in relation to my on going issues. She really listened to what I wanted help with and pinpointed the areas I could improve. I always feel very comfortable expressing all of my personal demons with Melissa.

She really makes you feel like you can achieve anything you put your mind to. 


After all my sessions I have received recordings so I can listen to it at home. I find it is very helpful, especially if I'd feel vulnerable to skipping back to bad habits.  I would highly recommend Melissa if you are looking for assistance in kicking bad habits, improving confidence, dealing with stress or any other issues you may have. 


I now classify Melissa as a friend who I can call on at anytime to help me stay on my new path in life to feeling healthy, fabulous and not as stressed. Thanks Melissa x"


Amy  Alambie Heights NSW   

12 year old girl with anxiety

She was struggling with anxiety due to peer groups at school and pressure due to instagram.

I came to see Melissa to feel at peace in the world.  It has been really good for my mental health.  Before I was very down but my therapy lessons have really helped. It’s really helped me to achieve.


I used to feel anxious and depressed a lot, it was really bad. I feel really uplifted and I barely get down anymore. I feel like I can get myself out of it quicker and I am happy.  

Jessica, Northern Beaches, NSW    

Fear of Horse Riding and anxiety

Natalie had loved riding as a child, but as an adult became more fearful and was having panic attacks.  We recently (August 2019) had just one session and she's happily back in the sadle again. 


Hi Melissa

I just wanted to let you know that your hypnotherapy was amazing!!! I have listened to recording about 5 times and today I had the best trail ride I have ever had!! Things that set me into a panic previously didn’t!! I was still cautious but calm and in control of my reactions.

Thank you so so much

Ps first time I listened to recording I sneezed a second before you said I might sneeze 🤣🤣🤣

A few weeks later... (Natalie sent me this photo and kindly gave me permission to share it with you)

Hi Melissa,  

You won't believe it but I went in a sporting comp yesterday and got

3 x 3rds, won ribbons, money and a bag of feed. So much for being scared and having panic attacks!!! I knew that Hypno would work but didn't expect it to work that well, haha. Thanks again.

Natalie, Manly Vale NSW


Thanks to Melissa for helping me figure it out, my main reason for seeing her was anxiety. By the time I booked in to see Melissa, my anxiety spun out of control! She's really helped me put everything into perspective and gain some clarity. 

With each session, Mel gave me new ways to look at things and put everything into a new light. She has incredible insights and helps you in a way where you feel you can also help yourself. Mel guides you through everything that sits on top until you discover the core issue that's led you to where you are now.


Thanks to Mel, who is now a dear friend and a guiding light in life, I've begun to stop anxiety in its tracks and reverse years of damage so I can be happy again. 

Mel is lovely, caring, kind, warm and gentle. She is productive without being invasive and she has a unique way of giving insight. From our first phone call together prior to my initial appointment, Mel has been funny and incredibly sweet and has a wonderful soul that resonates from within. There is no one else I would rather be on this journey with than Melissa. 

Annabelle, Clareville,  NSW 

You have no idea how much peace and strength listening to your voice has given me in the past weeks.  Thank you so much, what you do is amazing." 

Chloe, NSW


Pre Wedding Nerves

Caitlin was becoming more and more anxious as her wedding day was approaching.  She was experiencing panic attacks and wasn't sure if she would be ok on the day.  We had one session and she listened to her hypnosis recording in the weeks leading up to the day.

Text testimonial part 1.png
Text testimonial.png

Caitlin overcame the anxiety by changing her focus and perception of the day ahead.  She transformed fear into bubbles of excitement.